Elton John: Farewell Yellow Brick Road

To kick off the announcement of Elton John’s Farewell Tour,  Synchrony Studios/Spinifex approached The Astronauts Guild to head up the capture of the Live-Action portion of the Stereo VR Film “Farewell Yellow Brick Road: The Legacy.”  This film recreates two iconic shows which Elton performed in Los Angeles in the early days of his career: The Troubadour (1970) and Dodger Stadium (1975).   In order to immerse audiences into these iconic shows, to-scale sets were built on a 360 degree green screen stage, in order to composite in these shots into a CGI recreated world. The vision of Director Damian Fulton was that the camera would be seamlessly floating through these worlds. In order to shoot with a 30-years younger Elton, shot with an Elton John body double where facial replacement was done through the use of motion capture of Elton John himself as well as Visual Effects.  The result is a stunning and visceral  experience where audiences fly through a surreal whimsical world emblematic of the Elton John's legacy.


Virtual Reality Film
Production Companies: Spinifex Group / Synchrony Studios
Client: Rocket Entertainment Group